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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: July 12 2007,20:25   

Quote (stevestory @ July 12 2007,20:12)
Arden's our resident linguist, so this question's mostly posed to him, but not exclusively:

I'm not a very literary person. I mostly read nonfiction. For instance, here's what I'm reading now. But when I read fiction, two authors stand out for their gorgeous English. Shakespeare and P.G. Wodehouse. Is there any special reason why? Are there other writers of that caliber?


Dunno, I mostly just read nonfiction myself. I've never read Wodehouse and I haven't read Shakespeare since high school. Philistine, I know.

I'm not that well informed about 'the Big L', as they call Classic Literature.

I'm still finishing this, and just started this. I just ordered this, and plan to read it in a week or two. I THINK the last fiction I read was this, last winter.

This is one of my fave novels of all time.

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