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I've just finished with "God is Not Great" by Hitchens....good in places, wasn't that impressed.

I'm no apologist for religion and as a fully paid up member of the Evil Atheists Who Like to Give The Religious Lot a Really Good Kicking On Occasion Group I'm hardly going to be squeamish about Hitchens rhetoric, but I see this as yet another book that will be reviewed by title. The arguments are in there but not explicitly stated enough for my taste (stupid people might miss them! And BOY do we have to contend with some stupid people!), but in the end my disappointment is not really a substantial one, more a subjective one.

I liked "The God Delusion" and Dennett's "Breaking the Spell" (This one is my favourite so far) and Stenger's "God: the failed hypothesis" and I am buying Grayling's "Against all gods" but so far they have left me, whilst pleasantly rallied, a little cold. Maybe it's just because I'm looking for a book on the subject that deals with the whole set of related topics and phenomena in one hit. The capo di tutti capi of modern atheist popular literature. That would be a huge book! Either way, the "criticisms" of the apologists would still come, and come from the usual place (i.e. ignorance), and I rather suspect that to silent the substanital critics (which are few and far between) that it would be an unpopular scholarly tome, and thus defeat it's own purpose.

I suppose the interested atheist can read Mackie and Smith and Russell and Hume etc etc for him or her self.

Oh well



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