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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: June 16 2007,01:26   

Quote (Louis @ June 15 2007,18:03)
Quote (C.J.O'Brien @ June 15 2007,22:35)
I've got one.
Just finished Dennett's "Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon."

In all the furor over the recent entries of Dawkins Harris and Hitchens (the new infernal trinity), there has not been much talk about Dennett's book. Anybody else read it?

Sorry if I'm OT, Stephen. I've not heard of "The ragged trousered philanthropists." It's a book, yes? By whom?

...I'm reading three books at the moment: Douglas Hofstader's "Godel, Escher, Bach" which is a bit heavy going in places but very intriguing, Jared Diamond's "Collapse" which is an easy read in terms of technicalities but not in terms of implications, and lastly Stephen Fry's "An Ode Less Travelled"...

Yes it is a book. Written by Robert Tressell and published after his death.

I also have Diamond's book "collapse" from the library. I will be reading that next. Can I assume it is good? Also read "Guns, Germs and Steel" plus "Why sex is fun" by him. I found both to be a good read.

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