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Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 30 2011,19:36)
Quote (dvunkannon @ Nov. 30 2011,11:21)

Morris and Ham's Excellent Adventure! They have found their core audience - the preliterate and impressionable.

Gotta love those reviews. Not that the fools who want this book for their kids are ever going to read them. :-/

From the reviews:
Bravo! In the world of children's books, this is the biggest thing since Dr. Seuss.
An utter game-changer.
This book is so ground-breaking that it inspired me to put together a detailed children's "pop-up" book based on Leviticus and Deuteronomy--and one that chronicles the events of Passover. After all, dinosaurs existed during these events--and yet sadly, have been excluded from these stories by the recklessness and thoughtless of godless historians, scientists and archaeologists. These stories need to be told WITHOUT SUCH INTELLECTUAL BIAS.
Here's where I'm going with this:
I'm thinking that it would be entertaining and informative for the kids to see dinosaurs eating the Egyptian first-born (Exodus never SAYS that dinosaurs didn't eat them), and perhaps to have a T-Rex giggling in the background as homosexuals and disobedient children are being stoned. We'll throw in a few koalas, kangaroos and other marsupials in, too. (Because of course, they didn't wind up in Australia out of NOWHERE, did they?)
After all, if you don't provide accurate historical evidence in the context of God's love, you may as well be the Devil himself.
If this goes as well as I think it will, I plan on releasing a similar rendition of the Book of Revelation.
Remember: we DO need to teach our children the truth--and we need to do this immediately and without any rational thought, lest their minds be poisoned by reason, science, and facts.
God bless.

A masterpiece of snark.

"The . . . um . . . okay, I was genetically selected for blue eyes.  I know there are brown eyes, because I've observed them, but I can't do it.  Okay?  So . . . um . . . coz that's real genetic selection, not the nonsense Giberson and the others are talking about." - DO'L

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