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Quote (dvunkannon @ Aug. 25 2010,13:16)
Repcheck's thesis in this section is easy for a secular reader to buy into, but his breezy retelling and attribution of motive are to my mind untrustworthy based on what I know about some of the material.

Well, I'm a secular reader, and though I am interested in history of religions, I read this book to learn about Hutton and his era.
Repcheck's main interest is to show the intellectual climate that made it difficult for Hutton to publish his theory - some decades ago heretics still suffered capital punishment in Scotland.
So if Repcheck misrepresented the part you mentioned we still do not know if the same goes for Christian chronology. I can't imagine he simply invented its history, especially its repeated recalculating.
I have half a mind to contact Heddle - besides browsing the net, of course, or going to the library.

Barry Arrington is a bitch.

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