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Quote (Kattarina98 @ Aug. 24 2010,08:54)
So where did YECs get those 6,000 years from?

As Jack Repcheck explains in the second chapter of
The Man Who Found Time: James Hutton and the Discovery of the Earth's Antiquity,
not by meticulously adding lifespans mentioned in the Old Testament.
This belief came from a conflation of various revered nonbiblical writings and specific passages from the Bible. ... There was found the famous prophesy ascribed to the prophet Elijah that stated the world would exist for 6,000 years.

And Repcheck goes on to show how for 2,000 years Christian apologists frantically tried to cram history into those 6,000 years, squeezing the past, i.e. recalculating periods mentioned in the Bible, and stretching the future to leave a comfortable space so that the end of the world would not happen during their lifetime.

And now, the Christian Apologists have "devolved" to actually WANT the end of days to happen to them!  What a bunch of morans!

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