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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 11 2007,18:41   

ERV is waiting for Behe.

Come on down, Behe!  Show us your (pseudo) Science!

ERV makes a point that NOBODY has come out of the woodwork to defend Behe.  Except, of course, BA77, aka Christopher, who was trounced in the comments on Amazon.

The creationist nitwits like Behe can only survive in their little world if they control the vertical, control the horizontal, control the comments.

Behe was shown to be a FOOL at Kitzmiller where he couldn't control the questioning and had to answer the questions.  Behe sealed the case for the plaintiffs.  Thank you, Michael!

Now, Mikey has a 5-part rebuttal to Abbie, the grad student's, inquiry.

Why, oh, why, Mikey, do you need 5 postings to reply to a "mean girl?"


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