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Quote (Altabin @ Oct. 30 2007,16:33)
Jesus, everyone recalibrate their irony filters for Behe's latest (arguing that Miller adopts "Darwinism" for theological reasons, and is thus a stealth closet ID supporter):      

My own view (which Miller spectacularly fails to grasp) is that, as a scientist, one is obliged to look at the evidence of nature dispassionately and nonjudgmentally. If the coherence and complexity of the malaria parasite point to its purposeful design by an intelligent agent, then thatís where the data point.  As a scientist, one is not allowed to pass judgment on the morality of nature. To reject the weight of evidence because it shows the universe to be something unpalatable is to betray science.

Let's not forget the endless bleating from UD and the DI that "Darwinism leads to Nazism," "ooh, look, Dawkins says that the universe is meaningless, which is a horrible thing to say, which means he doesn't love his children and likes fascism" and infinite other permutations of the is-ought fallacy...

But, predictably, they just love it at UD.

This is the same lame Amazon Behe blatherfest from whence Philip Cunningham (aka bornagain77) was sent packing yesterday (see my post above). I wonder if he will reminisce at UD about his triumphs over the Darwinists on that comment thread. Maybe they can give him some better ideas so that he lasts a bit longer in his next venture outside the UD crib.

Flesh of the sky, child of the sky, the mind
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As the only possible proof of its own inheritance.
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