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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 16 2007,00:47   

Not content with being trashed on a book website, Amazon, Behe wrote a letter to Science whining about the unfavorable review given "Edge" by Sean Carroll.

With breathtaking inanity Behe lays out his complaint which Carroll completely smashes. Apparently, it's Behe's modus operandi to ignore the literature, a la Kitzmiller. I guess there's not much biochemistry published in church bulletins.

Carroll concludes with this paragraph, bolding mine:

If, as Behe now seems to imply in his Letter, he is a greater proponent of cumulative selection than I gave him credit for, why would he, with so many available examples, characterize it as "rare"? It is because cumulative selection is fully capable of producing what he claims Darwinian evolution cannot do. The minimization of cumulative selection and the complete disregard of a massive literature surrounding protein interactions are crucial to Behe's entirely unfounded conclusion that "complex interactive machinery can't be put together gradually" (p. 81) and must therefore be designed.

Science 12 October 2007:
Vol. 318. no. 5848, p. 196

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