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Quote (phonon @ June 12 2007,18:31)
When it got to the part about the pope's mitre being a fish head, I said "Come on!" (obviously it was meant for rabbit ears.) But then I looked into it.

Dagon the fish god.

There is a bunch of stuff out there by protestants trying to discredit Catholicism because of pagan symbolism. (hee hee).

Dagon (Daygon) is even mentioned by name in the Bible.

most of the symbolism in xianity is co-opted from pagans, even their famous "xian fish" is really based on the vessica pisces, and was originally meant to represent a woman's womb/vagina, thus "fertility" (as one usage, there were others).

I don't care that I get strange looks from xians when i ask them why they put a relief of a pussy on the back of their car.

rarely, I actually get enough interest to get to show them the real history of the symbol.

don't know if any of them ever bothered to strip it off their car after that, but it doesn't really matter.

"And the sea will grant each man new hope..."


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