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Oooh! aBOVE the garter!

he he

yeah, i thought the video was very well done

I had heard bits and pieces of all these observations, but they synthesized it so nicely. The thing I had never heard before was the thing about "ages" (aeons) and the precession of the Earth. I mean, WOW, that "the ancients" were able to keep track of the sun for so long to at least notice the effect of the precession of the Earth. That kind of crap blows my mind.

Oh, but I thought the whole thing about Set -> sunset is stupid. Hours and horizon for Horus is more believable because Latin and Greek are both hora and ora (for hour) respectively. But sunset is different. Only in modern English is it something like "set" (that I know of). Anyway, they may be right about "set" but it seems wrong.

Oh, and I'm watching it again now. They screwed up the date for Dionysus. They put ca. 200 AD when it should be ca. 200 BC. O well.

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