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Quote (Louis @ Aug. 07 2010,05:19)
At least when the British were the world's most important colonial superpower there was tea....and occasional genocide but it's impolite to mention that. Bloody Yanks can't make tea. Not a proper superpower with coffee and crap tea, sorry. It's the rules.

Besides coffee we also gave the world soft drinks (come for the high fructose corn syrup, stay for the ethylene glycol) and fast food...

...and freedom.  :angry:

Listen ex Colonial Septic Tanks, you know I love you, we all know I am very fond of all things American. When I lived there I found the people pleasant and welcoming, if occasionally drunk and slightly afraid, but that might be my fault. I tend to encourage drunkenness and fear of being ruinated by drunkenness in others (when not on disappointingly well behaved health kicks like I am at the moment. It's pathetic, a grown man drinking water, fucking shameful).

However the rule stands, no proper tea no superpower. China and India agree and they are up and coming. Hell one of them owns all of us. Look at what happened to Russia, they might drink the stuff but it's bloody awful.

Luckily tea can be improved. I suggested starting out easily with a Ceylon or a Dargeeling. Do not go direct to Lapsang Souchon. It could cause unrest and civil disobedience.



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