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Quote (Quack @ Aug. 07 2010,10:49)
I consider myself an outsider at AtBC. Being just an old European...


You are not an outsider. Many of us are Europeans, youngish and old! I reckon we should instigate a takeover anyway. At least when the British were the world's most important colonial superpower there was tea....and occasional genocide but it's impolite to mention that. Bloody Yanks can't make tea. Not a proper superpower with coffee and crap tea, sorry. It's the rules.

Now the French, they can make good tea. Nice bunch the French. The Scandinavians do weird things with seafood and urine and had Vikings (which are cool and therefore ok by me). The Germans invented a million types of sausage, but had that unfortunate brush with fascism. The Italians, two words: pizza, ice cream. Fine. The Spanish play with their steak before eating it, all good. Frankly any European nation is a far better choice for global uberlord than the bloody Yanks (love them though I do. Justin, just no. And I don't care if he's Canadian, Canada is just full of Yanks with better healthcare and less murders. You can't fool me, I've been there).



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