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Quote (stevestory @ June 26 2007,20:22)
I used too much water, I think. The sauce was a little too loose and globby. It tasted good, though. The oyster sauce, which I'd never known of until tonight, was the perfect flavor. Next time I'm going to crank the heat up, though. Probably by adding a habanero, though all this talk of indian food and red chilies, has me thinking I should go with those. But is red chili the name for them, or is there a more specific name I should look for in the grocery store?

Depends on the store. If it's a fairly comercial place (I know they all are, but you know what I mean) red will probably be enough, but if you want a specific heat, or are going to a proper asian/indian store, then you may have to look up names. I know of a few, depends on how hot you want them to be.

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