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Quote (stevestory @ June 17 2007,17:53)
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ June 17 2007,17:12)
I am baffled. Is the reason you dislike chopping onions by hand because they cause a mild irritaion to your eyes? If so, why eat stupidly hot dishes? Shut Up, that's why.


Why onions make you cry

One thing the article doesn't mention is that you can prevent the sulfuric acid from forming on the moisture on your eyes by running the onion under water for a second or two.  The sulfuric acid will form mostly in the water on the onion rather than on your eyes.  

I've had good luck with this, but mostly I just try to chop faster.  I didn't spend all that money on my knives just so that they'd look good hanging on a magnetic holder.  Well, maybe in part  ;) , but I do like to think I'm halfway decent with them.  And cleaning a knife is a lot easier than cleaning a food processor.  

One other downside to the rinsing technique is that if you're making a salad, it's nice to have dry ingredients so that the dressing clings better.  I go through enough paper towels patting down the lettuce after rinsing the dirt off the "prewashed" stuff I buy, and having wet onions means having one more thing to dry off.

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