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Ok chilli lovers, prepare to go green with envy and also glow with pride. I have learned something from you today about chillis, that this Naga chilli is the hottest in the world and that it has an almost as hot offspring.

That offspring, the Dorset Naga, is grown in Dorset, UK. My home county and where I played merrily as a boy, romping through fields, streams and such like. By happy coincidence I am off there this very evening to see Mama and Papa. The place where these Dorset Nagas are grown is a mere few miles from my house. I shall purchase some of these beauties and make my report next week.

Added in edit: Bugger, having read further I shall have to wait until July. Not only that, but they only ship in the UK. Into each life a little rain must fall

In the meantime, you poor saps with no Dorset heritage can order them online.



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