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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ June 13 2007,16:19)

did you know there are over 17 different kinds of curry paste available at a decent Thai deli?

My favorite Indian spice store in Berkeley has dozens of different kinds of curry pastes. Patak's are really good to start, but they have dozens of other weird imported brands as well. They also have a growing selection of Sri Lankan spices, which are surprisingly different from Indian ones. Just yesterday I bought a bottle of Larich's 'Red Hot Curry Paste' from Sri Lanka, just because it looked intriguing. I'm thinking of taking that one out for a spin with some chicken thighs this weekend.

I hope it's better than this jar of Sri Lankan biryani paste I bought a couple years ago -- salty to the point of inedibility. Ouch.

I also bought some of the spices necesssary for a home-made phaal, having been inspired by Louis.


funny you should mention Berkeley, as the Thai deli on University Ave. is where I used to buy my Thai curry paste.

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