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There being no other relevant place to post this note, I'll drop it off here. Tomorrow (Tu June 12) Elizabeth and I are heading to Spartansburg SC for a few days. She is attending and presenting a paper at the ASLE (Assocation for the Study of Literature and the Environment) conference, and I am tagging along to take some hikes, see some birds, and soak in some talks on literature and the environment. My brother and sister-in-law, who live in Carrboro NC, are coming down for a day, so we will be able to get together with them. But if any AtBCers are in the area, or are planning to attend this meeting, drop me a note and perhaps we can get together for a beer. Sorry, I won't be able to pay for a bottle of D'Yquem...

Flesh of the sky, child of the sky, the mind
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To create an ordered universe
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