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Quote (carlsonjok @ June 10 2007,19:33)
Never been a big Chardonnay fan.  I don't like what oak aging does to a white. If that makes me a pirahna in wine circles, so be it. I tend more to Rieslings, Gewurtztraminers, and Liebfraumilchs.  FWIW, Wine Spectator raved about the 2005 German Rieslings.  They are reasonably priced, too.

I certainly agree, and I avoid over-oaked chardonnays for that reason. This one (Cambria) is not overly oaked. And there are several others that you might try. The Saintsbury (only the Carneros Creek vineyard bottling) is a good example; not a lot of oak, but a hell of a lot of fruit in that one. And there are others; unfortunately the Chardonnay, a good dinner, and a weekend lethargy make it difficult for me to recall them at this very moment  :)

Stay away from the Toasted Head vintages, for sure! Those barrels with toasted heads are gonna give you a fair amount of oak, and if you dislike oakiness, you will find them appalling...

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