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Quote (carlsonjok @ June 10 2007,18:08)
Also FWIW, I was green with envy at the vertical tasting Albatrossity did.  I am probably not enough of an oneophile to truly appreciate such an opportunity, but I sure wouldn't turn it down either.  I really need some rich friends like that.  Unfortunately, most of our friends are broke-ass horse people who like wine from a box and think Michelob is a high-end beer.

Well, all I have from that tasting is memories, a slightly hardened liver, and the realization that it costs a lot more to drink great wines than I have in my savings account...

Right now, however, I am drinking a quite quaffable Chardonnay (Cambria 2004, Katherine's Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley) and preparing to grill some chicken. Things could definitely be worse than that!

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