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(Permalink) Posted: June 10 2007,12:51   


Wait who are we talking about?

Blipey? NOOOO! Don't ban him, I want to see if DaveTard shoots him....

Erm.....what I mean is, Blipey I wish no harm to befall your fabulous self, but you are obviously such a threatening person that even the mere offer of a visit inspires mortal terror and threats of murder.

Obviously if you come to my house for a visit I'll have to drive to the gun store (via the government somehow) magic up a gun licence and get a gun and drive very quickly back and shoot you. I may also need to buy some dogs. Sod it, way too much like hard work, how about if you come to the UK for a visit I'll buy you a beer? Steve gave good advice about getting people good and drunk upthread. It works equally well for terrifying American assassins like you as it does for dates one wishes to make easier. Apparently, I mean I don;t actually know....

Oh poo, this whole post is highly incriminating. Bugger.



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