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Quote (Louis @ June 09 2007,07:50)
Now with wine, one can talk of the big reds, the clarets etc and they have their place (my favourite is Margaux, that region has some of the best terroir in France in my opinion. Ch. Palmer, Ch. Margaux. Love 'em!

Back in the early 1990s, on the advice of a friend, I put away a few bottles of Margaux.  I finally opened a 1989 Prieure-Lichine last year and it was fabulous. I have a couple of 1988s that I am eyeing laviciously and a 2001 that I just stored away.  I've just gotten back into wine recently and wish I had a chance at a 2000, but they are likely out of the range of my wallet now.

I can only imagine what a Grand Cru like Ch. Margaux must be like. There isn't much market for high-end stuff like that in Oklahoma, and what is here is usually from California.

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