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Wesley R. Elsberry

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For a red wine, Diane and I were really taken with the Saintsbury Pinot Noir. Of course, context may have had something to do with that: the bottle had been provided by Ira Lee, the vintner who grew the grapes. We were visiting for the opportunity to take the hawks out in his vineyard. They flew around, chased a couple of jackrabbits, and that was about it for the hawks. I had to drive, so I only had a partial glass. Ira kept pressing Diane to have some more, so by the time we got on the road, she was quite tipsy. That was interesting, because she usually has little interest in alcoholic beverages, so I don't see her in that state much, or almost never.

Another winery that we took the hawks to was Blackwood Canyon in Benton City, Washington, back in 1993. After Rusty chased around their pheasants a bit, the vintner there gave us an extended private wine-tasting session that included most of what they made at the time, whites and reds, and even a vinegar and something they called "double nickel", a liqueur-like thing that besides having high alcohol content was a 55 on some sugar scale, topping the concentration you find in honey. (Whee, a mere $150 per 375 ml bottle now... at that price, we probably accounted for $5 each worth of just that at our tasting session.) We ended up buying several bottles of a late harvest Riesling there, which made an excellent dessert wine.

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