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Quote (dvunkannon @ May 04 2012,09:01)
Any particular brand or type of beer?

I'm actually putting the loaf into my cast iron Dutch oven, spritzing the inside of that with water to make the steam bath, and putting that into the oven. I've seen discussion of preheating the cast iron before putting the bread into it but I figure I would burn myself that way.

165 F for the rise? Sounds pretty high. I always read things like 'turn your oven on, then off, and the heat from that 40 Watt bulb will be enough'.

I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the recipe. Ba-dump ching!

I generally use a dunkel or porter. I've made it with stout, but I find stout works better in non-rye recipes.

I must admit, I do leave the pizza stone in the oven, but I've not tried the cast iron method so I can't speak to pre-heating that.

And yeah...I know what you mean about my rising temp. Most of the sites I've read insist on much lower rising temps, but I found 165 to be the magic number for me. Any lower and the density of the dough means much longer rising time. I even do that temp when I'm making French breads and the like. I do have the oven light on the whole time, but that's doing very little in my case. Oh...but I do turn the oven off the moment I put the bread in to rise. It doesn't stay at 165 - it's usually right around 145/150 when I take the bread out to heat it up to baking temp. But the yeast I use (I use the regular bread yeast, not the bread machine or the quick rise stuff) doesn't die off until the temp hits 180 or so, and 165 seems to be about where they get the most active. Fart away, little dudes, fart away!

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