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Quote (Kattarina98 @ May 03 2012,15:31)

Quote (Robin @ May 03 2012,14:16)
Well...ok...your underground is waaaay confusing for a tourist, but beside that...

What do you mean "for a tourist"? It's a favourite topic of the local newspapers, everyone hates the system, yet the public transport is not able to simplify it; it might be partly due to the fact that part of it belongs to the city, part to the railway, and some of the buses are privately owned. *Sigh*

Really? I figured that with the "German Precision" and all that it was a source of national pride some such. I figured that you locals found it the most efficient and effect transport system anywhere. Just goes to show you what I know.

Otherwise, glad you liked it. Our manners seem to have improved since the football (=soccer) championship some years ago. Everyone working in the tourist sector was invited to take free training offered by the city council in how to behave with foreigners - public employees were required to do so.

Feh. I was in Capetown during the rugby World Cup that the Springboks ended up winning. I'm well aware of where manners among the locals go at such times.  ;)

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