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Tracy P. Hamilton

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 04 2010,21:12   

Quote (Robin @ Oct. 04 2010,16:23)
Quote (carlsonjok @ Sep. 11 2010,16:38)

I am back from the local Oktoberfest celebration.

I had the following:

Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest
Coop Oktoberfest
Spaten Optimator
Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock

I had some food, too. But who cares about that?

Hit a couple of the local Oktoberfests here in Virginia over the past couple of weeks. I've now tried the following:

Spaten Oktoberfest

Hofbrau Oktober

I really liked (loved) the Spaten; the Hofbrau left me thinking I'd gotten an American substitute. It wasn't bad, just didn't seem to have the character. Still, it was draught and went fine with the food.

I also had Dominion Octoberfest, which I thought for a small(ish) American brew was darn good.

Cheers to October!

You need a real American Oktoberfest, such as Left Hand's or Flying Dogtoberfest.

By the way...

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