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Quote (Robin @ Mar. 30 2010,12:29)
[quote=Louis,Mar. 30 2010,12:16][/quote]
Quote (Robin @ Mar. 30 2010,17:11)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 30 2010,12:03)

Old Speckled Hen should only be drunk from a bottle in an emergency.


Fortunately we have a lovely little "pub" here near me that gets it on tap. I quite enjoy, and would right now more so...

Draught is ok. Bottles always seem to me, and de gustibus non est disputandum, to be lack a certain something.


I agree.

I have always wondered about the chemistry in this. Why are kegs and casks so much better for beer (it seems) than bottling? Is it volume related? Do they have to use a slightly different recipe for bottling?  Never quite understood that.

None of the above.  Just stinking to non-metric units:

Barrel = 55 gallons (OBTW, how many litres in a barrel)

Bottle = 12 oz.

You know that you can drink far more than one bottle but even in two or three sittings, the barrel might be a bit much.

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