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Further comment would be superfluous.


Sometimes the world is so beautiful I just want to cry.


After I go in for a checkup with the doctor next week, I plan to get lit up as I've been a good boy.  No alcohol, fried food, easy on deserts, back running (back up to 10k at least twice a week), etc.  Yes, life really sucks.  (On another topic, does exercise, eating right really make one live longer or does it just feel that way?0

So I ask the good gent from Wales.  I like the dark stouts and porters.  I also enjoy a good ale, not IPAs though.

What are some of the best you think are out there that I might be able to procure in the US?

Good? No.

Gent? Only with a supporting cast of thousands and a strong tailwind.

From Wales? {Faints with rage}

Guinness. It travels reasonably well, it is reasonably good and very consistent. If you can even get a Mackeson's try that. IMO avoid Murphy's like the plague.

As for ales, well I shall be banished from CAMRA for even thinking it, but some of the American microbrew ales I've tried are not hideously insipid donkey piss. So your domestic market might be an option.

As for English stuff, if you can get anything from the Badger brewery (they seem to have a wide distribution) then give it a go, Golden Champion for a preference. Personally, I love Ringwood beers, but the chances of you getting them in the US are minimal (I haven't checked so could be wrong). If you find anything from Bateman's brewery buy all of it and store it in a fortified camp, then spend the next however long drinking it in a slightly surly way.

However, after a quick search online I found this:

It's a starting point. Boddingtons is piss, avoid. Ditto Murphys and Newcastle Brown. The former is syrupy crap, the latter is a fighting brew you should only drink if you intend violence. Old Speckled Hen should only be drunk from a bottle in an emergency.

The Fullers, Melbourne Bros, Samuel Smiths or Tranquair ales all seem good. Fullers is a decent brewery, the ESB is a nice beer IMO. This place also sells Guinness, unfortunately only the extra stout, which is a bit more real than most people can handle, and isn't the "draught" with which most people are familiar.

They also have a decent selection of European beers. Chimay is a personal fave. Try the Lindemans Lambic beer, it ages like wine and is a real unique joy. If you're feeling adventurous try the wheat beer Hoegaarden (pronounced: "chchcHOOchchcHARTen", with the "ch" being the one from "loch" not "cheese").

Dammit, I want a beer now.



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