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Wesley R. Elsberry

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Not everyone affiliated with DI is interested in the politics of ID,

First, it isn't necessary that Gonzalez be "interested". I have no way of knowing his inner mental processes to evaluate attention and motivation. That's nothing to do with the subject.

Second, the evidence sure doesn't support the notion that GG is above all that political stuff. One of the DI CRSC's major PR pushes of recent memory was the arrangement to premiere the film, "The Privileged Planet", at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of Natural History. They went so far as to have the PR firm Creative Response Concepts, of "Swift Boat Vets for Truth" fame, manage the negotiations. I don't recall hearing a peep out of GG that the political hullabaloo surrounding that was anything but exactly what he wanted. Quite the contrary, one can read GG's open letter to his critics to see that political engagement is certainly within his repetoire.


and I have seen nothing to suggest Guillermo Gonzalez has pushed his teleological musings in his classes.

How would that matter, precisely? There is the joke about the lawyer who responded to the news that the prosecution would call three eye-witnesses to testify that his client had killed the victim in front of them with, "Well, I will call THIRTY witnesses who will testify that they did not see him do it!" We have the evidence of GG compiling a study guide and having it disseminated via the DI website, a study guide that he says is aimed at high school classrooms. This  goes well beyond what may happen in ISU classrooms.


Also, you neglect to mention the person they are addressing teaches at a Baptist university.

How would that matter, precisely? Again, the distribution on that study guide obviously goes beyond "a Baptist university".

I've heard that the Chronicle of Higher Education article on GG and ISU claims that GG has not brought in any external funding to his department. Can someone who has access to the full article confirm or deny this?

"You can't teach an old dogma new tricks." - Dorothy Parker

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