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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: May 13 2007,15:52   

While I'm not expert on Gonzalez's qualifications, my impression is that he should have been given tenure.  

Yes, I know, he doesn't sound very convincing on Privileged Planet, but his other ideas are taken seriously in other fora, and he may be right that the best place to look for really old earth rocks is the moon.

I'd give him some trouble over the Privileged Planet nonsense, of course, as it's all too close to the marvel that the cat has holes in its skin where his eyes happen to be.  It's like the psychics, retrofitting the facts to be their "predictions", marveling that we can scientifically understand the universe, even though it took a good 4 billion + years for life to get to the stage of scientific understanding.

But he does good work, and I can't see denying him tenure over his manifestly politico-religious positions, at least unless I've seen that the latter affects his actual work.  I suppose I'd have to hold my nose to vote tenure for him, yet I think that I would.  Now if someone has evidence that his pseudoscientific notions do affect either his teaching or his work, I'd be likely to change my mind.

Glen D


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