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(Permalink) Posted: April 20 2007,05:17   

Hmmm... well I've commented once or twice here, but usually refrain.
Thinking about it, I reckon I started coming here regularly when the UD thread started up (which coincided with my moving to Australia), prior to that I popped over occasionally from the Thumb (as I recall the first time might have been the ape promiscuity/semen discussion where a lot of the comments got 'walled'  :angry:  ) Since then it's been a (more or less) regular stop along with the Thumb and various ScienceBlogs.
I'm afraid I don't comment much as I really don't have the strength to go panning for gold in the UD sewer, I guess I'll just titter from the sidelines.
Keep up the good work!
Nearly 500 pages of Uncommonly Dense - what a landmark achievement.  ;)

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