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To continue, at best Iím only going to make a very modest contribution towards making this board more informative and/or entertaining. †As others have noted, what will make this board more interesting is another creobot, and †after a short layoff, I definitely spent more time here once FTK got active. †

She provided a measure of entertainment for a while, but man she got boring fast. †In †contrast, AFD kept me entertained for a couple of months. †To me, the whole AFD thread climaxed with the Portuguese discussion, because it showed that not only did Dave understand nothing about science, he understood nothing about argument. †

As Mr. Vibrating makes clear, itís hard to have an argument if you donít know what one is. †FTK has tried to avoid getting into a scientific discussion, but in the course of arguing about not arguing, she has demonstrated that her understanding of evidence and logic is on par with Daveís. †

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