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Question: Updated: What's Your Educational Background? :: Total Votes:192
Poll choices Votes Statistics
PhD Science 59  [30.73%]
PhD Humanities 7  [3.65%]
BS/BA/Ma Science 80  [41.67%]
BS/BA/Ma Humanities 27  [14.06%]
High School 13  [6.77%]
Lots of Scientific American 2  [1.04%]
I Done Readed a Lot on the Internets 4  [2.08%]
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Well, I registered here just so I could vote.

I have a BFA in painting and printmaking. This qualifies me to make hard-edged acrylic paintings using masking tape and gel medium. Unfortunately, I'm unqualified to do much of anything else, so I work in advertising.

My interest in the evo/creo debate arose when I worked for a regional library system in Wisconsin. Probably because no one else wanted to, I occasionally had to deal with people who a) wanted to permanently remove science books from tiny public libraries in very small towns, b) shelve creationist books in the science section of tiny public libraries in very small towns or c) shut down the whole shebang.

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