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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 22 2010,05:24   

Quote (Louis @ Mar. 23 2009,09:27)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 27 2007,20:49)
I went to your blog to wish you happy birthday, but yu might not have recognised me with my clothes on.

Re-Happy Birthday just in case.

42? Pah! You have the shimmy of a 19 year old!


I feel I said everything I needed to 2 years ago. Do I really need to repeat myself? Oh this is so tiresome, all these repetitive birthdays really are too much. I shall have to lie on my fainting couch for the nonce with a perfumed lace across my visage to protect me from the rigours of....

...wishing Kristine a Very Happy Birthday!

Have a great day K!


P.S. You still have the shimmy of a 19 year old, and are probably also Teh Witch.

I'm still right.

Happy Birthday....AGAIN!




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