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That's incorrect.  You didn't start posting here when I decided to put your comments on hold.  Your first post appeared some time ago, and I overlooked that one.  Your second post came when I signed up here.

Apparently, for some strange reason, you felt that would be a good time to come in here and join in the juvenile attacks on people whose views differ from their own.

I'd imagine it was an ego thing.  You saw that they were congratulating the "Dave" who was discussing various issues with me, and you decided to let them know it was you.  That way you could receive your accolades in person.

BTW, it's interesting that you bring up DaveScot and act as if I would allow him to ridicule others merely because he supports ID.  I believe you probably recall that I don't allow ridicule regardless of who it's coming from.

BTW, I signed up here for occasions such as this.  If I feel I am being unjustly accused of something by various posters in this forum, I may choose to comment on it.

"Evolution is a creationism and just as illogical [as] the other pantheistic creation myths"  -forastero

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