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Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 04 2007,21:20)
Is it me, or is that quiz really...uh...easy?

Because if it's actually hard for most Americans, then holy crap! Even if we let intelligent design be taught in schools, they'll just be as butt-ignorant about that, too!

Apparently it is hard for most Americans.  Stephen Prothero, the professor of religion who wrote the quiz for Newsweek, had an article in the Christian Science Monitor on the subject:

A Nation of Religious Illiterates
Although Americans are far more religious than Europeans, they know far less about religion.

In Europe, religious education is the rule from the elementary grades on. So Austrians, Norwegians, and the Irish can tell you about the seven deadly sins or the five pillars of Islam. But, according to a 1997 poll, only 1 out of 3 US citizens is able to name the most basic of Christian texts - the four Gospels - and 12 percent think Noah's wife was Joan of Arc. That paints a picture of a nation that believes God speaks in Scripture but that can't be bothered to read what he has to say.

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