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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 05 2007,15:31   

Quote (BWE @ Mar. 05 2007,14:01)
Aaarrrgh. How the heck do you set yourself up as a user on stupidpedia? It says: click the .... lower left of your screen.

That part's got nothing. Like their genetalia I suppose. Hmmphff.

Can anyone supply a link to that page? The one where you actually create an account. That is NOT the same page where you log in, even though it says it is. Grrrr.

Has it occurred to anyone here that they are successfully creating an alternate reality for their minions to be free in?

I did notice this, if you click on the "propose a change" link:

No 'join up' on the login page?
I had to email the Eagle Forums, and they kindly signed me up.

so, sounds like they are now filtering exactly who gets to create an account.


oh, btw, here is the wall of "shame":

I wonder if there is anybody yet who has their handle here, and has also been banned from UD AND AIG.  

wouldn't that be like winning the trifecta?

I do note there are no Church-burnin' Ebola-boys on that list.

we're slackin'.

"And the sea will grant each man new hope..."


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