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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 04 2007,13:00   

Quote (lkeithlu @ Mar. 04 2007,12:35)
Quote (phonon @ Mar. 02 2007,23:05)
A scientist during the Age of Exploration who lived from 1561 to 1626 and promoted research based on experimentation. Bacon was, notoriously, a confirmed bachelor throughout his life. He was however, one of the strange bachelors. One who got married. As can be seen from the illustration, Bacon (like most men of his time) had a beard. Despite this, he was known to also wear a hat.

This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. bachelor? beard? hat? relevancy to the topic? what the he11?

I think this confirms the theory that it's mostly homeschooled 13-year-olds who write their entries.

I'm inevitably reminded of this.

"Rich is just mad because he thought all titties had fur on them until last week when a shorn transvestite ruined his childhood dreams by jumping out of a spider man cake and man boobing him in the face lips." - Erasmus

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