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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 26 2007,17:03   

we could find out exactly how hard Dr. Hunter is chomping on his foot while he types the tard he posts here?

yes, provided you could somehow get his foot out of his mouth long enough to be able to insert a bite meter.

which of course is the real challenge.

oh, and I think those bite meters do have an upper limit of around 2000 lbs, so they might not be adequate in this case.

Was the measurement in psi's? The video didn't make it clear

hmm, it's my understanding it's equated to the amount of pressure a stationary object of given weight would exert.

IOW, if it states "1000 lbs." that would equate to a solid weight of 1000 lbs being placed on the meter.

I'm sure the pressure meter actually measures it directly as PSI, which is then translated into a measure that is easier for pop. science buffs to translate into real-world examples.

so when someone says 1000 lbs of pressure, it allows comparison between parking a VW on the meter, for example.

It's legit enough, if not the most accurate representation.

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