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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 14 2007,13:06   

Quote (Cornelius Hunter @ Feb. 12 2007,00:24)
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Feb. 06 2007,13:19)

† †
Quote (Cornelius Hunter @ Feb. 05 2007,01:31)

† †
Stephen Elliott wrote: You talk a lot but fail to answer basic questions. Answer Lenny (his questions are pretty basic) or admit you have nothing to say. †

Why is it that I'm supposed to answer Lenny's questions but not vice-versa?...

Well don't answer Lenny if you are unable. †

Perhaps you havenít read through the posts. I did answer Lenny -- I needed clarification but no reply:

So clarify. What is the "Theory of Inteligent Design"?

Sorry Mr. Hunter,
But so far you have answered just about nothing.
Look, I am possibly the least educated person on this board. Yet I have no problem spotting the quality of your "answers".
You sound like a politician/lawyer/debater rather than a scientist.
Do you think normal people cannot see the evasiveness not only in your "answers" but even in the weasly non-specific questions, worded in such a way as to be able to claim "that is not what I meant" when somebody gives an honest atempt at a reply?

Anyway, an answer to the most basic question would be a start. What is the "Theory of Intelligent Design"?

Don't tell me that is too difficult to answer. If it is (too difficult), maybe ID is not science.

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