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Uh, if anyone is skilled and  can translate Mr. Hunter's statements from vague jargonese into clear english,  post a version of it, please?   
You and many others have repeatedly argued against falsification.

Uh, how? Can you repost where I did this? I merely mentioned that pentadactyly is universal in mammals, reflecting a common bauplan and that patagium for gliding are not. For you, this constitutes "arguing against falsification?"

It seems to me that language in modern humans is useful for clear and effective speech/writing and that obfuscation is detrimental to that. Please try for clarity in saying precisely what you mean and laying out specific examples, would you?

When you gave the patagium example, silly me, I thought you were actually asking why I thought it was less relevant ( to me)  than pentadactyly.

I also notice that you didn't answer my questions.

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