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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 29 2007,03:40   

Yes, of course, the personal incredulity of evolutionists is well documented. This is the standard response, but appeals to personal incredulity hardly make for strong scientific evidence

nice bit of projection there.

based on the language, I don't think in this case it's an unconscious reponse on your part (just a psychological defense mechanism).  I think you, as a common tactic by the religious right, prefer to use the language that best describes YOUR position, and throw it back on to your detractors.

it don't fly here.

where do you see personal incredulity on the part of the posters here?

please detail it before you make yet more projections based on your own level of personal incredulity.

and stop lying.


In that essay he claims, as he does here, not that there is some internal flaw in the theory, but that the evidence is too weak.

of course the evidence seems weak if you refuse to actually read any of it.

I can arbitrarily say that the evidence for the moon landings is weak too.  Unfortunately, just like with ol CH here, that would just make me a moron.

"And the sea will grant each man new hope..."


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