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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 27 2007,18:06   

Quote (GCT @ Jan. 27 2007,15:29)
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 27 2007,15:03)

Wow Steve, it's like you two were separated at birth.

I see C.H. needs some assistance....

Typical Darwinist ad homo attack.

When are you going to concentrate on my new book?

I only came here to get some tips on how to handle a skeptical press.

So give me some more questions, I need more practice ignoring them.

Lenny: whilst I didn't deny 'stone the adulterers to death'   Howie Ahmanson   was a major financier behind the DI, notice how I cleverly deflected the focus of the reply to a specific and propably unanswerable question on an actual cash contribution made by the miscreant Machiavelian mangler of the Episcopal Church.

There is no point trying to tie Howie Ahmanson to me and the DI.

If you had any brains, you would notice I can deny mendacity with the best of them.

Just try accusing me of deliberate deception by using the same drawing for a Tasmanian Tiger and a Wolf.

It was a rhymes with mendacious....get it.

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