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Stephen and Wesley are not reckoning with the problem.

You didn't lay out any specifics that I can see, Mr. Hunter.

Yes, pentadactyly is observed. But what specific similarities are YOU referring to in regard to Thylacines and Canis lupus? It's not teeth. It's not skull morphology, is it? Other post-cranial features?

What SPECIFICALLY are you referring to, other than :" they look pretty similar in illustrations?"

I can think of other distantly-related organisms that look alike superficially. Here's a little eel that looks remarkably like a snake:
Here's an illustration:
Should I throw up my hands now and shout "We've met our Waterloo, they LOOK alike!?"

Try, just for starters : Vogel, Steven. (2003). Comparative Biomechanics: Life's Physical World. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

DePinna, M.C.C. 1991. "Concepts and tests of homology in the cladistic paradigm." Cladistics 7: 367-394.

Some simple examples of convergence (homoplasy) :

Sorry, but I don't know if you can color in any of these.

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