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Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Sep. 13 2014,15:46)
Cornhole Hunter must have a lot of time on his hands since no one signed up for his "Darwin Scholars" bullshit.  Now he's back to railing against Judge Jones and those evil Gheys again.

Latest from Corny's Blorg:

Should we point out that evolution is scientifically flawed? Or should we point out that homosexuality, the usual mental gymnastics of evolutionists notwithstanding, makes no sense under evolution? Remember that part about reproductive success?

What a classic mistrial. Jones had been so indoctrinated by the Warfare Thesis that he actually believed the evolutionary propaganda to be historically accurate. If the perfect crime is the one that is never discovered, the perfect propaganda is the one that is never understood. Jones later reminisced about the trial, unbelievably explaining that “I understood the general theme. I’d seen Inherit the Wind.”  Jones was not educated, he was brainwashed.

All traces of "Darwin Scholars" have been removed from the blorg too. Poor lonely Corny.  Maybe he can get JoeTard to post some obscenities for him  :D

He got the name wrong, since he obviously intended "Scholars against Darwin". The people he wanted couldn't handle the double-think.

PS There have been a number of weightist comments. Do these have any connection with the references to fitness functions?

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