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Quote (Robin @ Mar. 08 2012,10:11)
A certain "Scott" is handing Corny and his followers their asses here and here.

Very entertaining watching as the "faithful" unknowingly let the cat-out-of-the-bag, demonstrating quite specifically that ID has nothing to do with science.

Can't seem to post there.  Oh well...


If God came down from on high and said "To be a true believer in ME, you must kill and consume one human baby"

What is your answer?

The only possible answer from a true Christian is "Pass the ketchup."  But I bet you will not choose this answer as you know that killing and eating human babies is wrong.  Here, your own personal morals (and that of the culture that raised you) overcome God's command.

You could answer "No way"... but again, you would be stating that your morals are superior to God's.  

No, you will choose the only other possible answer and that is "God would never do that".  However, that doesn't help you either, because you are stating that God cannot do something and that there is an objective moral construct that even God must obey.

In that sense you are correct, because "God" is a social and cultural construct that fits in with the culture in which you are currently living.  Two hundred years ago, slavery was perfectly OK and God and the Bible and Jesus were used to support that.  Why are God, the Bible, and Jesus not being used to support slavery now?

Because, as a culture, we have grown in near adulthood and understand that holding another human being as property is wrong.  God hasn't changed, the Bible hasn't changed.  We have changed... and therefore our interpretation of the Bible and God have changed.

Once you accept that, then it's just a short step to wonder why we even need the "God" construct at all and we can all lead perfectly moral and polite lives without It.

I also note that you did not list and "facts" about evolution that are taught but are wrong.  

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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