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Quote (MichaelJ @ April 06 2011,01:39)
Interesting given that one of the Mythbusters is a skeptic who has on occasion said that ID/Creationism is a load of crap.

I think it's clear they're all skeptics (though they're not all atheists as well), it's just that Adam Savage, as per his personality, actually attends skeptic events and likes to talk about it.  It's funny, because he did say this at one of those events back in 2007:

My goal this year is to prove natural selection on the show. It's gonna take a while, it's gonna be very hard to make it fascinating on film in the context of our narrative structure, but I figure screw it. The sky's the limit. Let's do natural selection. I'm sick of fifty percent of this country thinking creationism is reasonable. It's appalling. And I have the unique ability, maybe, to sell this idea to Discovery, and they'll, they might allow me to do it, and I'm gonna try as hard as I can.

A year later he said it wasn't looking likely to ever happen. Which I find kind of strange, since Discovery has no problem talking about evolution in who-knows-how-many hours of their other programming.  I guess the show's style made them nervous about such topics though.

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