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MadPanda, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 02 2011,11:38   

I confess a tendency to wax Vancian (if not Shakespearean) when I am not pressed for time in responding to the incoherent inanities that result from these persons of prodigious ignorance.  My goal is to one day present a blow so cunningly disguised as to seem a pleasantry to the recipient but boldly recognizable by all onlookers for a harsh ego-lacerating stroke of the virtual pen.

Alas, I shall never in all likelihood achieve this, as it takes so very little to tempt me to go all JoeyKris on persons of this sort.

The MadPanda, FCD

"No matter how ridiculous the internet tough guy, a thorough mocking is more effective than a swift kick to the gentleman vegetables with a hobnailed boot" --Louis

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