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Hunter on common descent:

Hunter: There is evidence in favor of evolution and common descent, but the fact is there are substantial scientific problems with evolution and common descent.

me: Let's see what those scientific problems are. What are your specific objections to common descent?

Hunter: Well it depends on what you mean by common descent. Even many IDs and creationists accept certain types of common descent, but I suspect you don't mean that. If you mean common descent via evolution, then you could look at the many failed predictions.

me: Umm, common descent is common descent. You know, the tree of life. DO you accept it or not? That isn't a trick question, unless you want to make it so.

Hunter: OK, the tree of life. That has been falsified many times over. There are mismatches at all levels. Only a precommittment to CD could overlook these many contradictions.

me: Can you be a little more specific, Cornelius?

Prediction: in his reply, Hunter will cite Woese, Doolittle, or both.

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