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Reciprocating Bill

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Quote (olegt @ Oct. 19 2010,16:46)
Our friend Joe participates in the development of the model:
Let's say that the universe's initial conditions were a large 3-D space and within it a ball of liquid water. The ball is >2 light-years across, large enough to contain all the mass in the universe. Because of this concentration of matter this ball of water is deep inside a black hole whose EH is more than .5 billion light-years away.

Gravity starts to take over compressing this ball of water toward the center making it extremely hot and dense. The heat then rips apart the water molecules, atoms, even the nuclei into elementary particles.

Are you with me so far?

Thermonuclear reactions begin, forming heavier nuclei from lighter ones and liberating huge amounts of energy. There is rotation that speeds up as the compresion continues. Then we have the universe stretching out, the black hole becomes a white hole. The EH shrinks towards the Earth and as the EH reaches the earth, an ordinary day on Earth would be equal to billions of years worth of processes taking place in the distant cosmos.

Now you are aware of a thought experiment involving two people- one going towards a black hole and one observing that person? The person going towards the black hole seems to stop- that is from the other person's PoV- as he/ she reaches the EH.

P.S. Joe's writing style is insufferable. His paragraphs are one-sentence long. I took the liberty to impose some structure on the excerpt.

But when was ice formed? And steam?

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